A documentary portrait of the renowned Jewish-Moroccan, Israeli poet Erez Bitton. As in Bitton's groundbreaking poetry, Shattered Rhymes tells the collective story of Moroccan Jews in Israel through Bitton's poetry and his life's milestones throughout Israel for the last 65 years. Bitton's personal story includes his life changing tragic event and journey, since the moment he lost his eyesight at the age of 11. His blindness shades a unique light not only on his life, but on Israel's society, culture and politics which he discusses in the film. 

Shattered Rhymes  is  a celebration of beautiful cinematography, Moroccan music and exciting poetry.

Shattered Rhymes  was shown in several festivals in Israel, such as Tor-Hazahav (Golden Age) Festival in Ashdod, Cinema South Film Festival in Sderot and Libi Bamizrah (My Heart is in the East) Festival in Tel-Aviv. The film was also broadcasted on Israeli Channel 8, the documentary cable TV channel.

About the Film